We can’t stop hunting for vintage treasures

People have all sorts of addictions. Ours is estate sales.  It started out as just a fun activity one weekend.  We hit an estate sale in our neighborhood partly because we wanted to see the inside of the house.  And we bought a few items we thought were fun and interesting.  Then we notice a small auction house in the area and decided to spend a Saturday “date night” seeing what that was all about.  A hundred dollar or so later and a car packed with vintage treasures, we realized we were starting a possible disturbing, yet exciting, habit.  Now that we had accumulated a small treasure trove of miscellaneous junk, we decided it might be time to try to make a little money back on our investment.  That was September 2011 and the start of our relationship with Etsy.com.  Things started off slowly with just about a dozen items on our newly acquired shop VintageCoolETC.  And then our first sale – a small vintage clown doll.  Now, jump ahead to 2015 and we have over 1100 sales and two more shops – VintageCoolRecords for your listening pleasure and BettywasaBombshell filled with orphaned vintage photos and paper ephemera.  As we continue our hunt, we’ll share our finds as well as our tips for what sells and what doesn’t.  Buy vintage and recycle a memory today!


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